Build Up Your Network—One Authentic Connection at a Time

“This story is real. Some details have been changed because … well, it’s a small world,” I wrote, at the beginning of the chapter on building your professional network in my book, Self-Promotion for Introverts®.

I continued, sharing a snippet of a conversation I had with a Chanel-clad HR executive whom we’ll call Ginger Parker. “‘It was a bloodbath,’she whispers. ‘They canned my boss and put my nemesis in charge of the department. I called in sick the next day and made a list of everyone I could possibly contact,’ she says. ‘It was red-alert time. I had to get the hell out.’”

If you’d like to learn how Parker, an introvert, lands on her, er, Ferragamos, you’ll find the rest of the chapter excerpted at What’s Next, an online resource whose motto is to “create the life you want.”

You’ll also learn to build up your network as an introvert. Calmly. Professionally. Authentically. With minimal agita.

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