5 Tips to Raise Your Profile at Work

“In a perfect world, diligently doing a good job would be enough to ensure pay raises and career advancement,” says Sara Eckel in her article, “Get on Your Boss’s Radar.” If only! She continues, “But the truth is that you also have to put yourself and your work on display for your boss and other managers.” Eckel also says that shy, unassuming people are often overlooked. Check out her article, in which she interviews me and other career resources—for five tips to help you raise your profile in the office. Of course, you can do so while remaining authentic.

Bonus tip for introverts: Catch your breath between meetings, even if that just means taking a quick walk around the block, an elevator ride to another floor, or a visit to the rest room for a moment of quiet time. It’s important for you to gather your thoughts between social interactions.

Update:  The article originally appeared on Yahoo! Hot Jobs and is now on Payscale.com

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One Response to “5 Tips to Raise Your Profile at Work”

  1. Theresumebuilder Says:

    Oh yes, so true! Awkward it may seem but you in a way should make your work output visible to your Boss if you want that promotion because they will never know. But do remember, do it in your most humble way.

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