A Zero Brag Approach to Self-Promotion

Liz Lynch and I agree. You don’t need to brag to promote yourself. In fact, it’s unbecoming. After all, do you like it when someone brags to you?

I just had a lively interview with Lynch, who is the author of Smart Networking, on her Blog Talk Radio show. Lynch, who is an introvert, shared how she ran out of the room in five minutes at her first networking event. What she learned and now shares with readers of her book and blog, was to focus on others.

Again, we agree. Ask questions of people you meet. Show interest. And if you’re an introvert, show up with a few conversation starters to get things going. Not to mention the magic of introductions and tag teaming with someone more outgoing than you. Also show up well rested. Back-to-back events and hours of schmoozing are not our forte.

Here’s what is: our quiet strengths which we often take for granted. If you’re a good writer, then write and if you’re a good public speaker, then speak—all in forums where your stakeholders go. Focus on helping others with your message rather than wasting your energy worrying about how they’ll perceive you.

Here’s what else we covered:

  • The benefits of getting videotaped
  • Communication between introverts and extroverts
  • Tackling your fears
  • Going after your dreams
  • Speaking with confidence
  • Building your profile through social media

As a bonus item, Liz asked me how I approached former US President Bill Clinton to ask for a quote for my book, Self-Promotion for Introverts®. I tell the whole fun story and much more.

Click here to listen to my interview with Liz Lynch.

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