Networking for Introverts in Law
    Thu., June 4, 2020 ET
    6:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m.
    MothersEsquire and Leg Up Legal
    (online event)

    Presentation Skills for Introverts® 
    Wed., July 8 & 15, 2020
    6:00-8:55 p.m. ET
    New York University
    (2-part online workshop)

    Business Writing and Presentations
    Wed., Sep. 2-Dec. 9, 2020
    6:20 p.m.-9:05 p.m. ET
    New York University
    (graduate course)


    How to "Talk the Talk" at Professional Events (free)
    Columbia University Alumni Career Services

    How to Think on Your Feet: Improv Skills for Business
    Co-facilitators: Nancy Ancowitz and Carl Kissin
    American Management Association

    How to Deliver Powerful Presentations as an Introvert
    American Management Association

    Essential Management Skills for Introverts
    American Management Association

    How to Project Confidence with Demanding People
    American Management Association

    Secrets of Successful Public Speaking
    American Management Association


    Tango for Leaders
    For organizations

    Success Strategies for Introvert Leaders
    National Institutes of Health
    (Workshop for NIH employees only)

    Publisher's Weekly
    "Best Books"
    The New York Times
    "Currently winning our race for most intriguing book title of 2009 is the oxymoronic “Self-Promotion for Introverts” by Nancy Ancowitz (McGraw Hill). The 'how to' book is filled with tips (rehearse is a favorite). The author’s tone is supportive and she does not argue that introverts should become live wires. But what else would you expect from a book whose subtitle is 'the quiet guide to getting ahead'?"
    The Wall Street Journal
    "…showing how quiet people can turn their innate strengths into an advantage when networking."
    ABC News
    "Best Book Gifts"
    Los Angeles Times
    "Whatever's behind your reluctance to speak out for yourself, this is the first book I've seen with serious research on the topic that leads to a new game plan."
    CIO Insight
    "Must-Read Fall Books for IT Execs"
    "Best New Career Books"
    "Offers a solid dose of practical advice—alongside humorous anecdotes.... Ancowitz shows introverts how to take advantage of the unique qualities and strengths they can offer."
    The Independent Consultant
    "There is great value in this book, whether you are promoting your own business or consulting practice, or just want to be sure your talents are recognized within your larger organization."
    Small Business Trends
    "Written by an introvert for introverts."
    Ft. Myers Florida Weekly
    "'Self-Promotion for Introverts' is a primer on doing just that—helping 'quiet sorts' assert themselves by using their inherent tendencies in the most effective ways."
    Women and Leadership Australia
    "Pitched perfectly. Our rating: 10/10."

Here’s to Getting Heard

Forbes logo

“Just like everyone else, to get ahead, introverts need to increase their visibility and exhibit leadership presence,” says Kristi Hedges in “Four Ways Introverts Can Get Heard In Meetings” for her Forbes blog. I’m not a big fan of group meetings—especially ones with lots of people, lots of overtalk, and lots of agenda items; or worse, no agenda. What’s an introvert to do? Check out Hedges’s story for concrete tips. Dying for more? See “Morph into a Business Meeting Ninja,” in case you missed my two-part story on the topic.

Smart Ways to Manage Introverts

The Fast Track logo“Imagine that your team included Albert Einstein, J.K. Rowling, Bill Gates, and Mahatma Gandhi,” according to Diann Daniel, in “Four Tips for Getting the Most from Your Introverted Team.” She continues, “You’d probably want to hear what they had to say, right?” Check out her article in The Fast Track to learn techniques for leaders who manage introverts—even ordinary ones who haven’t yet tapped into their greatness. I’m interviewed in the article.

Your Thoughts, Out Loud

Working Together At Office

If you’re an introvert who would like to speak up more often or just more effectively, listen to “Tips for Speaking Up and Out…”  on Beth Buelow‘s Introvert Entrepreneur podcast series. Buelow and I share how you can speak up more powerfully and strategically to get the word out about whatever is important to you. She is a coach, author, and popular blogger.

Beyond Homina, Homina, Homina: Tackling Tough Questions

Those dreaded questions that put you on the spot—at business meetings, Q&As, job interviews, and salary negotiations—can be an introvert’s nightmare. If only you had a little time in your cocoon to collect your thoughts. But often that’s not an option. So what do you do? (more…)

Presentations for Introverts: Interactive is Easier! Part 2

stock-photo-13516956-diverse-businesspeople-conversing-woman-at-front.PAID FORIn the first part of this story, I shared tips to help you connect with your audiences and lighten your load by making your presentations interactive. These tips can be especially helpful if you’re an introvert because they enable you to catch your breath, gather your thoughts, and then share the best you have to offer your audiences. They will also make your presentations more engaging—so both you and your audiences benefit. Ready for a few more tips? (more…)

Presentations for Introverts: Interactive is Easier! Part 1

stock-photo-24198668-happy-businesswoman-speaking-at-podiumPAID FORRecently, after I gave a presentation, a few audience members came up to me and insisted that I couldn’t possibly be an introvert (could, too!). Why? They said I was “on fire”—fully engaged with my audience. I was giving a workshop on public speaking, and had a ball helping make such a universally feared activity accessible, and even fun. (more…)

Insights on Your Inbox: 1-Word E-mails from Your Boss

“Many employees labor over emails seeking guidance from the boss, only to receive a cryptic reply such as ‘Great!’ or ‘Sounds good’—or no answer at all. The result: Confusion and frustration,” according to Sue Shellenbarger in her article, “Email Enigma: When the Boss’s Reply Is Cryptic,” in The Wall Street Journal. For those of you feeling that confusion or frustration, read on. The article includes anecdotes about bosses and their employees who effectively maneuver this tricky dynamic. (more…)

Beyond the Water Cooler: New Way for Introverts to Connect

Cheryl Cofield, director of culture, diversity and inclusion, Georgia Tech

Cheryl Cofield, director of culture, diversity and inclusion, Georgia Tech

I love “firsts,” and here’s one for introverts: the Georgia Institute of Technology is offering its employees an employee resource group (ERG) specifically for introverts. According to Tech’s website, its introvert ERG “provides a safe forum for introverts to explore their unique gifts and examine the ‘quiet’ nature of their significant contributions.” In our discussion that follows, Cheryl Cofield, Tech’s director of culture, diversity and inclusion—and an introvert herself—explains how introverts can benefit from this type of connecting, what it means for them and for the institute. (more…)

Peer-to-Peer Leadership: A Sea Change, Starting With You

“The individual-centered command-and-control models of leadership are outmoded and must be replaced,” says Mila Baker, Ph.D., author of Peer-to-Peer Leadership: Why the Network is the Leader. She believes that the top-down mentality is a throwback to the pyramids (both Egyptian and org-chart!). Her book is rich with examples of organizations like Google, BMW Group DesignworksUSA, and the creative design firm Herman Miller that have bucked that trend by fostering peer-to-peer, or P2P, leadership. A licensed psychologist and associate professor at New York University, where we are colleagues, she shares her views on leadership in the conversation that follows—with some refreshing insights for introverts. Baker herself is an introvert. (more…)

How to Reduce the Dread of Networking

logo“Introvert networking sounds like an oxymoron,” according to introvert author Sophia Dembling in her article, “The Introvert’s Guide to Networking,” in Success magazine. She continues, “but even the most introvertish introverts understand that meeting the right people is necessary for professional progress. And so we have to learn to do it in ways that not only take the torture out of it, but also help us succeed.” Dembling interviewed me and two other introvert authors, Jennifer Kahnweiler, Ph.D., and Beth Buelow, ACC, CPC, for her article. Also check out her sidebar story, “Networking the Net,” which is all about using social media to expand your horizons—and a reminder about the importance of meeting some of your online buddies offline.

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