5 Ways to Appear Underconfident—and How to Avoid Them

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​​You’re talented, hard-working, and a valuable asset. So why didn’t you get that great job or coveted promotion? (more…)

Who Says Extroverts Make Better Leaders? Part 2

Dollarphotoclub_69578194In the first part of this interview, Andy Johnson, author of Introvert Revolution: Leading Authentically in a World That Says You Can’t, discusses misconceptions and biases surrounding introvert leadership. In this second part, he offers tools, tips, and more insights to help introvert leaders thrive in an extrovert world*-centric world. (more…)

Who Says Extroverts Make Better Leaders? Part 1

Introvert Revolution book jacketIntroverts, take the lead! So urges Andy Johnson, the introvert, leader, executive coach, and licensed counselor who wrote Introvert Revolution: Leading Authentically in a World That Says You Can’t. Johnson is leading the charge to eradicate the bias against introvert leadership. In this first installment of a two-part series, he sheds light on the plight of the introvert leader.  (more…)

Tame Your Sabotaging Self-Talk – Part 2

Practice Mindfulness Daily


In the first part of this interview with Arnie Kozak, Ph.D., mindfulness expert and author of The Awakened Introvert, he shares how to be present with your inner chaos. In this second part, he refutes common myths about meditation (e.g., restless minds can’t meditate; a practice of non-attachment results in a zombie-like, passionless life). He also offers helpful tips to engage your “monkey mind” (that internal noise!). (more…)

Tame Your Sabotaging Self-Talk – Part 1

Source: Sergey7/Dollarphoto.com

Source: Sergey7/Dollarphoto.com

You may have heard the expression “monkey mind,” which refers to the way that our minds are all over the place. To learn more about how to be present with the inner chaos, I turned to Arnie Kozak, Ph.D., mindfulness expert and author of The Awakened Introvert. Below is the first in a two-part interview in which he shares insights into what a mindfulness practice offers introverts. (more…)

Let’s Redefine the Word “Introvert”

What does the word “introvert” mean to you? You can find various stripes of definitions, many of which are anchored by the work of Carl Jung, in the introvert literature that has become increasingly popular over the past 10+ years. Despite that, you can also find dictionary definitions with entirely different meanings—some of which further the stigma around introversion. (more…)

Write and Be Seen


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You’re not big on telling everyone you meet how great you are? How about raising your visibility by writing—also without bragging? Let’s see what Jack Appleman, author of 10 Steps to Successful Business Writing and a fellow introvert, says about that. As background, over the past few years his book has been required reading for a graduate course I teach on business writing and presentation skills at New York University. (more…)

Tongue-tied at Business Meetings No More

hdr-no-globeTongue-tied at business meetings? Check out “Introverts’ Secrets of Success” by Mairi Mackay for CNN and get tips about that. Mackay also dispels common leadership myths about introverts. I am quoted in the article.


Introverts’ Quick-Start Guide – Part 2

Peter Vogt, author, The Introvert Manifesto

In the first part of this interview with Peter Vogt, author of the new book, The Introvert Manifesto, he describes “The 4 Pillars of Introvert Well-Being,” a handy tool he created to help introverts navigate their day-to-day needs. In this second part, Vogt offers refreshing insights about some typical challenges that introverts face: teamwork, multitasking, and overtalk. He also describes how he reconciles his need for recognition with his natural tendency to avoid the spotlight—something many an introvert can relate to. (more…)

Introverts’ Quick-Start Guide – Part 1

The Introvert Manifesto by Peter Vogt is the latest addition to the increasingly popular literature by, for, and about introverts. My favorite thing about his book is how deeply he shares from his own experience—what rocks as well as jolts his world as an introvert, and what he’s learned to do about it. (more…)

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