Word Blizzards at Meetings: 7 Ways to Plow Through Them

Most people are too wordy for me. If you’re an introvert who, like me, spends more time listening than speaking, you may be a magnet for yakkers who utter way over the daily average of 16,000 words a day. If so, you’re a captive audience at many a business meeting and social event. So brace yourself for word blizzards. (more…)

Tips for reaching out to former colleagues

If keeping in touch with your old colleagues has fallen to the bottom of your “to-do” list, you’re not alone. Check out “Reconnect with Your Professional Network” by Daniel Bortz on Monster.com to learn how to stir the pot with minimal awkwardness; I’m quoted in the story.

Raise Your Social Media Presence at Your Own Pace

Looking at your colleagues on social media may make you feel unsuccessful, unpopular, and even invisible. Maybe they have more impressive careers and accomplishments than you do. Or maybe they’re just more persistent at getting the word out. If you’re an introvert, you may be adept at quietly conducting research and analyses, solving problems, and writing behind the scenes. But if you don’t spread the word about what you do, you may be missing out on career advancement opportunities. (more…)

7 Steps to Smart Onboarding for Introverts

Let’s say you’re an introvert who just job landed a job. You’ve made it through the search process, including buffing up your resume and LinkedIn profile, navigating what can feel like the inglorious activity of networking, and putting your best foot forward in job interviews. Tomorrow is day one of this important next step in your career. How can you adapt to your new organization with aplomb? (more…)

How Introverts Can Navigate Fear Successfully

Used with permission, Heidi K. Brown

What role does fear play in the career of an introvert? For me, it has played a central role—whether it was my hesitation to speak up at meetings during my corporate career or my perfectionism preventing me from committing my thoughts to the written word over the years. Professionally, I’ve always gone after whatever scares me the most. And currently, as a coach, I enjoy helping my clients navigate their career obstacles. (more…)

How Introverts Succeed as Lawyers

Is an introverted lawyer an oxymoron? Not according to Heidi K. Brown, author of The Introverted Lawyer: A Seven-Step Journey Toward Authentically Empowered Advocacy. In her myth-busting book, Brown shows how introverts can succeed in a profession known for arguing persuasively and competing to win. She contends that introverted lawyers contribute to the profession through strengths that include active listening, creative problem-solving, and careful legal writing. An introvert herself, Brown is the director of the legal writing program and an associate professor at Brooklyn Law School. (more…)

Be Successful at Relaunching Your Career

Are you interested in relaunching your career after taking time off to raise children, care for elder parents, or navigate personal challenges? How can you get back into the work world, especially as an introvert – or someone who recharges their energy during their quiet time, and who may find searching for a job especially overwhelming? In this discussion with Carol Fishman Cohen, chair and co-founder of iRelaunch, author of Back on the Career Track, and host of the 3,2,1 iRelaunch! podcast, you’ll get tips for easing back into the work world. (more…)

Sell Using Your Quiet Strengths

Matthew Pollard’s new book, The Introvert’s Edge: How the Quiet and Shy Can Outsell Anyone, offers myth-busting insights to help you excel at sales – without being that salesperson we all want to dodge. To play to their strengths, introverts sell differently from extroverts. I offered a whiff of that in my post, “Can an Introvert Sell Well?” In his book, Pollard goes much further, with compelling stories and techniques you can use right away. He’s here to share a taste of his collaborative and thoughtful – yet highly effective – approach to selling. (more…)

Improve Your Workplace With the Tools of Improvised Theater

Some dangers aren’t really dangerous–not to life and limb, anyhow. Take improvisation, which you actually do every day. Your boss is late to a crucial meeting that you know nothing about and asks you to facilitate. Your computer freezes while you’re under deadline. A hiring manager for your dream job asks you an outrageous question on an interview. (more…)

Engage Your Audiences by Telling Stories

Nancy Goldman, Ed.D., used with permission

There’s nothing like a good story to bring a message to life. Whether you’re giving a presentation, interviewing for a job, or introducing yourself at a social event, having a few stories up your sleeve facilitates meaningful connections. This is especially true if you’re an introvert who prefers to compose thoughts before sharing them.

Following up on my last exchange about storytelling for introverts, with Barbara Ganley and Alan Levine, I now welcome the thoughts of another master storyteller, Nancy Goldman, Ed.D., a colleague of mine at New York University. Goldman helps her students and clients access their leadership abilities through storytelling, creative thinking, and humor. (more…)

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