A Nod and a Wag to “Introvets”

I love playing with words and just coined one to describe 70% to 80% of the doctors who care for our four-legged friends: “introvets.” Here’s a snippet from a new article, titled “In Praise of ‘Introvets,'” I wrote for the Exceptional Veterinary Team magazine: “You’re confident in your ability to talk to the animals—a turn of phrase immortalized by the classic film Dr. Dolittle. Yet, speaking ‘elephant and eagle, buffalo and beagle, alligator, guinea pig, and flea’ will only get you so far in your veterinary practice. To succeed, you’ll also need to be fluent in chatty client, crabby client, irresponsible client, and inconsolable client. Not to mention all stripes of associates and colleagues.” I interviewed four veterinarians from around the United States who share their secrets to success as practice owners who are introverts. You can glean useful insights whether or not you’re an introvet. Whynotamous?

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