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How to Succeed in Your Own Business—without Really Schmoozing

“The stereotype startup guy or gal is a high energy, always schmoozing, hard pitching and hand-shaking go getter,” says social media strategist and evangelist, Howard Greenstein, in his latest Inc. magazine blog post titled, “Introverts as Entrepreneurs.” Greenstein interviewed me about what it takes for an introvert to thrive as an entrepreneur. Introverts have special needs (rest up, prepare, and practice before important social interactions) and inclinations (researching, listening intently, thinking deeply) that we can use to make our ventures flourish.

Greenstein also interviewed Adelaide Lancaster, co-founder of In Good Company Workplaces, a collaborative community of women entrepreneurs in New York City (I’m a member). Lancaster shared what it’s like to work with her business partner, whom she describes as an “off-the-charts extrovert.”

Click here for Greenstein’s blog post. Incidentally, I interviewed Greenstein, a colleague of mine at New York University, about his social media advice for introverts, in my book, Self-Promotion for Introverts®.

PS – You have to see Lancaster and her partner, Amy Abrams, in action. Guess which one talks on her cell phone from the moment she leaves the office until she descends the subway steps to avoid feeling lonely? I’ll invite Lancaster and Abrams here for a chat about the secrets to their successful introvert-extrovert collaboration. Stay tuned.

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