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Internet Slang for Introverts

Ready for a snarky little diversion? “Every single time I text LOL (laugh out loud), I feel like such an imposter,” says author Mary Hershey. “Honestly, it is rare that I laugh out loud, particularly when I’m texting,” she adds on her and R.L. La Fevers’s Shrinking Violet Promotions blog. “It’s more likely that I am LQ2M (laughing quietly to myself).”

Hershey started a running list of internet slang abbreviations, which includes RCTL (recharging talk later), :-X (can’t talk), and E!!! (extrovert approaching). I’ll add DTWDUG (down time will do you good). CLICK HERE (and scroll down to “The Shrinking Violet Guide to Texting: A Work in Progress”) 4 more and 2 add your own!

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