"Success Isn’t Only for the Extroverts"

November 1, 2009I learned a lot about how to thrive in a corporate environment from my days on Wall Street. And then I left to radically change my life and my career. Now, as a business communication coach, I have fun helping the Garbos I coach go from cubicle to corner office.

Interview and Get the Job

November 30, 2009Imagine this. You’re about to go on the business equivalent of a blind date. After all, the initial connection you establish with the hiring manager on a job interview is likely to determine whether you’ll spend more waking hours in each other’s orbit than with your loved ones in the
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Fearless Presenting for Introverts

October 8, 2010Would you like to give presentations with the ease of chatting with friends in your living room? If so, check out “Presentation Tips for Introverts,” a story I just wrote for business technology author Patrice-Ann Rutledge‘s blog. You’ll find answers to these questions: What’s the best way to manage your
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Introverts as Effective Leaders

December 7, 2010I recently shared a story in a Harvard Business School newsletter about new research that takes a fresh look at introverts and extroverts as leaders. Also check out this CNN story, “Why Introverts Can Be Great Leaders,” by Eliza Ridgeway, for a tidy summary of the findings.

Conquering the Introvert-Extrovert Communication Gap, Part 1

December 21, 2010Getting a word in edgewise at a meeting with extroverts* can be daunting for introverts. Listening carefully without interjecting can be a stretch for extroverts. Yet we all need to do some talking and some listening to work together productively. How do we strike the right balance?

How to Earn What You Deserve

February 20, 2011Do you earn less than you deserve? “Underearners Anonymous applies 12 steps for those addicted to paltry paychecks, preaching action and acceptance of a higher power,” according to Ron Dicker in his WalletPop column for AOL.

Secrets to Quiet Leadership

March 17, 2011In her recent Washington Post article, “Career Coach: Tips for Introverts Who Aspire to Leadership Positions,” Joyce E. A. Russell, Ph.D., dispels misconceptions about introverts and offers concrete guidance to help you get ahead.

Golden Retrievers in Business Suits – LOL

February 7, 2012Keith Ferrazzi had me laughing out loud in a plug he did today for my recent interview with Tahl Raz, co-author of his bestseller, Never Eat Alone: “So many people (and introverts are especially guilty of this), assume that you have to be like a Golden Retriever in a business suit to expand your circle and get noticed.”

Not So Scary Public Speaking

March 27, 2012In his “Talking Points” article for Entrepreneur magazine, Ross McCammon (better known as "the Esquire guy") shares heaps about "How can you go from 'public speaking isn't my thing' to full-fledged confidence." I’m interviewed in the article.

Presenting Your Best Self to an Audience

December 29, 2012One of the most important career-building and leadership skills you can learn is to speak effectively to an audience. I dedicated a chapter of my book, Self-Promotion for Introverts®, to this topic, based on work with my coaching clients over more than a decade as well as continuing education students in my Presentation
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Remind Yourself You’re the Real Deal

October 1, 2013Check out “The I’m a Fraud Freakout” in O, the Oprah Magazine which begins: “As you go about your daily life—giving presentations, attending meetings, raising children – are you secretly afraid everyone’s about to find out you have no idea what you’re doing?” Kudos to Arianna Davis on this highly practical story
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Insights on Your Inbox: 1-Word E-mails from Your Boss

March 14, 2014“Many employees labor over emails seeking guidance from the boss, only to receive a cryptic reply such as ‘Great!’ or ‘Sounds good’—or no answer at all. The result: Confusion and frustration,” according to Sue Shellenbarger in her article, “Email Enigma: When the Boss’s Reply Is Cryptic,” in The Wall Street
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Secrets to Receiving Feedback: Insights for Introverts

Following up on the first part of this story, we’re back with Casey Carpenter, CEO of Speak & Own It Communications, a New York City-area-based consultancy, to discuss the other side of the coin—learning to receive feedback thoughtfully and productively, especially if you’re an introvert boss or other leader. Carpenter is the author of Introverts in Sales: Turn Your Peaceful Power into a Profitable Selling Machine.


Secrets to Giving Feedback: Insights for Introverts

Giving feedback is central to growing as a professional. Yet many of us are uncomfortable and unskilled at conducting a feedback conversation. In this two-part interview with Casey Carpenter, CEO of Speak & Own It Communications, a NYC area-based consultancy, we discuss productive ways for introverts to give and get feedback. In this first part, we focus on giving feedback, especially if you’re an introvert who is a boss or other leader. (more…)

Build Your Networking Skills: A How-to for Introverts

Source: StockUnlimited

Over a decade ago, I began writing about introverts and networking. They’ve become perennial topics—and essential ones at that. Still, when introverts hear the word “networking,” many want to run for cover. Matthew Pollard’s new book, The Introvert’s Edge to Networking: Work the Room, Leverage Social Media, Develop Powerful Connections, provides easy-to-read and hands-on tips and conveys the advantages introverts actually have in this ever-evolving world. He’s here to share a glimpse of that. (more…)

Make Online Speaking a Virtual Breeze

Seventy-three percent of adults have some level of anxiety around speaking in public, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. What about when the public is virtual—possibly colleagues and even strangers in little rectangular frames beamed into your living room? That can come with a whole new surge of agita into your already anxious system. (more…)

8 Ways to Up Your Visibility at Virtual Meetings


Source: Pexels

Do you have a hard time being heard during virtual meetings? Do you feel invisible—as if there isn’t space for your voice? If attending one online meeting after the next, day after day, leaves you drained and overwhelmed, you’re not alone. (more…)

US Job-Search Tips for International Students Who are Introverts

I recently attended a webinar by Dan Beaudry, author of Power Ties: The International Student’s Guide to Finding a Job in the United States. Baruch College of The City University of New York (CUNY) hosted it to benefit its student population, many of whom are from outside the United States. Beaudry, who used to head campus recruiting at Monster.com, offers international students provocative advice that includes: “Stop searching the Internet for job listings. Stop working on your resume. Stop writing cover letters. Stop studying so much!” (more…)

Lead and Succeed by Seeing the World With New Eyes – Part 2

Source: StockUnlimited, used with permission

I’m back with Todd Cherches, author of the new book VisuaLeadership: Leveraging the Power of Visual Thinking in Leadership and in Life. In the first part of this interview, he shared some of his favorite techniques for seeing the world differently. Why? Doing so with fresh eyes expands your mind and improves your ability to lead yourself and others. (more…)

Lead and Succeed by Seeing the World With New Eyes – Part 1

Source: Todd Cherches, used with permission

Todd Cherches is an introvert and inveterate doodler. Author of VisuaLeadership: Leveraging the Power of Visual Thinking in Leadership and in Life, his raison d’etre over the couple of decades that I’ve known him has been to evangelize about the power of pictures—and yes, the thousand words they can convey. (more…)

Zounds, We’re on Zoom! Introverts Can Lead Virtually – Part 2

Source: StockUnlimited, used with permission

How can introverts lead amid the “new normal” of working and taking classes virtually as companies and schools adjust to COVID-19? I’m back with Heidi K. Brown, a Brooklyn Law School professor, to explore this more. (more…)

Zounds, We’re on Zoom! Introverts Can Lead Virtually – Part 1


I recently learned I would have to teach completely online at New York University. I approached the prospect of converting business communication lessons from in-person to online with a mixture of excitement at engaging the students virtually and concern about Murphy’s Law (P.S. both happened!). So I took NYU classes about the online Zoom platform for instructors. (more…)

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